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Fitness Website
Full details of all events and permanent trails in Britain. Includes award scheme and current news from BWF.
GymUser.co.uk has hundreds of pages relating to information about sports, leisure and general health and well being. There is information on fitness clubs through to more basic diet and exercise advice.

Gymns near you

Park View Health Clubs Palmers Green

262 Green Lanes, London N13 5TU, UK – 020 3674 5678

The best gym ever! Best receptionists, the best trainers and the best everything! Very clean, and it feels like one big family! Kirsty’s customer service is phenomenal! Grab a protein shake, coffee or smoothie! I love this place!!! Big hugs for welcoming me to this gym for the last 3 years!

Lovely boutique gym in North London. The staff are very friendly and helpful if you have any question (Kirsty on reception is great! :) The equipment is modern and clean. The gym itself has a friendly atmosphere and it never gets so busy that nothing is free. Would highly recommend to those looking for a non-chain gym with a bit of personality!

Paramount Health & Fitness

316-322 Green Lanes, London N13 5TT, UK – 020 8292 0616

MUSIC is uncomfortably loud, to the point I get headaches/nauseous from it. Poor staff that work there..it's unsafe at dangerous listening levels. They don't change the station so your exposed to a poor one genre station (only appeals to under 18 year olds). Even wearing earphones doesn't drown it out. I wish they changed the station to play older music pre 2015. HEAT It's so hot due in the weights area due to lack of air conditioners that it's hard to workout. Buy an air conditioner please.The weights room is always packed and has more sweaty people.

Nuffield Health Fitness & Wellbeing Gym

Princess Park Manor, 264 Royal Dr, London N11 3BG, UK – 020 8362 8444

Smart gym in a pretty location. The facilities here are fairly decent, the gym is clean and the staff are helpful. The workout facilities are in good condition but as with other Nuffield's there only seems to be one set of everything. i.e. Only one barbell rack, only one bench press area etc which is a little annoying if you're trying to follow a workout programme. Ive noticed in this gym that people don't put the weights away and often leave equipment laying on n the floor looking as though it's still being used, which is very annoying. The phone signal isn't great. There's supposed to be free wifi but in true British style, rather than just being given a password and off you go, you have to sign up and go through a third party system that doesn't really work.

Gave it 3 stars as it doesn’t get overcrowded during the week apart from 5 - 8 pm and early morning and the swimming pool and steam room are very good. The gym itself is rather small and the cardio equipment is very dated. The weights are is just about adequate. On occasion the music can be way too load which doesn’t help if you’re not into dance music. I can hear it even though I have my headphones on full blast. Overall I’d say the gym has gone downhill since it became a Nuffield and if you are paying full price you’re better off paying a little more and joining the much better David Lloyd which is very close.

Searchable directory of health and fitness clubs located throughout the UK with location and contact details. Clunky but it gets there!


National Governing Body running fitness classes for adults and children nationwide. Find regional organizations and contact numbers.
Ramblers Association Walks Finder
Explains the principles of this exercise system and provides a list of UK studios and instructors.
A British registered charity which promotes rambling, protects rights of way and campaigns for access to open country. Find local walks.

The Walk4Life website is totally free and has thousands of walk ideas all over the country.

Get diet advice and find out how to lose weight through healthy eating and exercise. Organization runs meetings and provides sample menus, news and special offers.
Intelligent Trainer is a standalone multi-platform software application that has the functionality to collect, interpret and summarise data used in a sports environments. Intelligent Trainer processes evidence based results into clear Dashboards and Scorecards, combining and analysing the critical statistics used by sports clubs that monitor the performance of individual athletes and teams. Intelligent Trainer; a cost effective solution built to specific customer requirements, will give coaches and players visibility of the ‘right data at the right time’ promoting empowerment and responsibility for athletes whilst maintaining a positive and constructive approach to team management, individual development, recovery and rehabilitation. Phone: 01392 580009