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Frequently asked questions asked by parents looking for the best schools near Hollies

How do I find out what schools are available around Enfield? 
There are some frighteningly frank websites for you to choose from. The Government one is compare-school-performance.service.gov.uk. You simply enter your location, perhaps Enfield, or another location and select primary schools or secondary schools. All the information parents need all there in percentages!

You could also try the paid for websites like www.schoolguide.co.uk. This one is quite cheap and you can pay monthly.

This is of course just the very first stage in selecting a school. You will to need see the videos on this page before even thinking of visiting the shortlist of schools on your list.

How do I find the state school catchment area in or around Hollies? 
If you just need to know your school catchment area try www.admissionsday.co.uk .If you are looking for exhaustive information on the schools as well go to www.goodschoolsguide.co.uk

How do I find out how good a school is?
You will absolutely have to visit the school. However, do look at the video below. For armed is to be fore warned!

Nursery Schools

What's the difference between nursery and preschool? 
Preschools usually work around a formal curriculum and trained teachers - making them a little more expensive! Nursery schools are usually a more relaxed learning environment and more flexible enrolment terms. They are also cheaper and vary greatly.

What age is a preschooler? Ages up to 4 is considered preschooler with toddlers are 1 - 3 year old bracket. Basically 4-year-old are not 'toddling' around any more and so are no longer toddlers!

What does preschool mean? A preschool, or nursery school, is a pre-primary school, or play school for early childhood education. Preschool is for children before they begin compulsory education at primary school. 

Is Pre K considered preschool? Pre K schools are pre-kindergartens.

This page should help you answer these school finding questions!


Local Area Creches and Day Nurseries for N14
Click also to find: Childcare Services, Nursery Schools, After School Care

PreSchools and Playgroups for Enfield

Livingstone Primary & Nursery School

Baring Rd, Barnet, New Barnet EN4 9BU, UK – 020 8449 2592

The school help my son to find learning easy.

I used to go there

St Margaret's Nursery School

Margaret Rd, London EN4 9NT, UK – 020 8449 5466

best nursary in the area! greate staff! my dauther love to go to nursary

Excellent nursery.all the staff is very friendly and very helpful. Will miss everyone from this super nursery as my daughter will start reception.thank you everyone for all the help and support. X

Gainsborough Pre School

St Stephens Memorial Hall, Christ Church, 620 High Rd, London N12 0NU, UK – 07903 803992

Gainsborough is a brilliant little community preschool. Moments from North Finchley it is absolutely perfect for me. Timing wise, the sessions suit so well. With the 9.15am start, I can do the school run first to Moss Hall and then drop off my little one to Gainsborough. Also, the 12.15pm finish means he is tired and ready for lunch when I* collect him. I don't like the thought of him eating or napping outside the house so it works perfectly for me to collect him, feed him lunch and then put him to sleep until school pick up. Essentially, it is everything I need and I don't pay for more time than I use, which I was doing at his previous nursery. Not to mention, the staff are brilliant - slightly older then the staff at other nurseries and mostly parents themselves which gives them real compassion and connection with the children. They have always dealt with any incidents professionally, discreetly and sensitively. They almost always have room so you are spared the stress of waiting lists - although I can't see this lasting for too long so get in quick before everyone else finds them too! I cannot recommend them highly enough.

After School Care

Bright Horizons Active Learning Southgate

311B Chase Rd, London N14 6JS, UK – 020 3824 7092

Good set of people, and have given my daughter a great start in life.

Bright Horizons New Southgate Day Nursery and Preschool

60 Beaconsfield Rd, London N11 3AE, UK – 020 3780 3056

Wonderful caring staff. My child looks forward to going everyday.

BigK Music School

14 York Rd, London N21 2JL, UK – 0800 042 0302

Being a student of 2 years at BigK Music School has brought new light into my life. The teachers are awesome and understand each students individual needs - I have had a few different teachers in my past and none can come remotely close! At BigK, I have been given many opportunities to showcase my development and play live in a full band scenario! It has really helped build my confidence and playing with other musicians of all ages has developed my peoples skills. BigK Music School does a lot more than just teaching music!

BigK have allowed both my children to grow in their passion in learning music so much so they have started to learn a new instrument with the school which is a fantastic compliment to both Peril and Peter to nurture this. The recitals are amazing and allow those taught, at whatever stage, to play publically and build their own confidence and allow family to be proud of their achievements. Having had a bad experience at the start of my children learning to play the piano with another teacher, Peril has turned the experience around completely and I thank her for this and her skill. Peter teaches my 2 the guitar and they love his teaching style. I thoroughly recommend the school to anyone.

Choosing a school around Enfield. This is an Australian video but has some really good Tips!

Independent Schools - Prep & Secondary - for Enfield

Independent Schools for Enfield - private preparatory and senior schools. Prep schools age 8 yrs to 11yrs or 13 yrs. Senior schools age 11yrs or 13 yrs to 18yrs. Some independent schools have a pre-prep department (age 3 to 8yrs) as well as prep and senior schools. Independent schools can be co-educational or single sex.

Secondary Schools


Castlewood Rd, Barnet, New Barnet EN4 9GE, UK – 020 8344 2220

Today, with my business Immersive Theatres, I delivered a 7m digital planetarium experience to 260 Year 7 to Year 11 pupils at the Jewish Community Secondary School. I was warmly welcomed by the staff who helped me prepared the hall for the dome. The day was well organised with all groups arriving on time. The excited students enjoyed a rich selection of content: peering up at the planetarium night sky, learning about the Solar System, nuclear fusion, tissues of the human body, the hunt for dark matter and how British scientists search for real aliens. Thank you JCoSS for a very pleasant visit.

I like it but they need to treat Pogo nicer though. DT is great but other faculties need work. Also Mr Miah 👌

St Andrew the Apostle Greek Orthodox School

Building 5, North London Business Park, London N11 1GN, UK – 020 3195 5444

Firstly, ignore the silly negative reviews on here. These were obviously done by people who lack social intelligence and are immature. These people need to support their school, not falsely damage its name by slandering it just because they don't want to walk in the snow or want a free ride. If they don't value the hard work of it's staff, they should leave. The school and it's staff work tirelessly to ensure the safety of students. I made the correct choice for my children and will continue to support it within our community. Thank you to the staff for your continued hard work. It is appreciated.

Both my children go to St. Andrews. My daughter started from the first day when St Andrews opened and then my son followed two years later. My daughter is now preparing for her GCSE,s and the teachers are being supportive and amazing. Both my children’s grades have exceeded my expectations and I’m proud to say my son and daughter attend this school. My daughter is determined to stay on for sixth form knowing she can progress even further. I’m thankful to all the staff and teachers, who make the school feel like a big family.

Winchmore School

20 Laburnum Grove, London N21 3HS, UK – 020 8360 7773

I love this school. My grandson loves it there and he often tells me the children accept him for what gender he sees himself. An Alien - Martian.

Got to be possibly the best school in North London. Students always ready to help others, and Teachers always at hand for students to help with academic and/or personal problems.

Independent Schools

Grange Park Prep School

13 The Chine, London N21 2EA, UK – 020 8360 1469

Great school, fantastic teachers and high academic standard. Our daughters always enjoyed and still enjoy attending the school.

Not as well known as some of the other schools but don't let that fool you, a wonderful educational establishment for young girls. We moved our daughter there after a frustrating experience at her other school and the transformation has validated that decision. GPPS offers a nurturing yet focussed environment for children to learn and develop. I wholly recommend that prospective parents consider this school, you will be pleasantly surprised

Dwight School (Upper School)

6 Friern Barnet Ln, London N11 3LX, UK – 020 8920 0600

When I came back to London, I wanted to get experience in a UK school. Dwight gave me the opportunity. Friendly staff, safety, small sized classes, students behave well and excellent support for SEN students.

One of the best schools I have been to but the fees are way too high this school is quite overpriced when paying fees but the people are great and kind and teachers care so much about the students

Keble School

Wades Hill, London N21 1BG, UK – 020 8360 3359

Local Authority Schools - Primary & Secondary Schools

Local Authority primary and secondary schools for N14 5QD . LEA primary schools age 4yrs (the year in which a child is 5) to 11yrs. Secondary schools age 11yrs to 16yrs or 18 yrs. Each school has a local catchment area.

Primary Schools

De Bohun Primary School

Green Rd, London N14 4AD, UK – 020 8441 7728

Fantastic staff in early years and concerns have always been dealt with. Most parents who seem disappointed in my view are those who were offered the school when it’s wasn’t their 1st option and might have not visited before. I attended 2 open mornings and my children have made tremendous progress. The school has made a lot of improvements and shame that mobility is high so the hard work is hard to see. I care very much about my children and ensure I communicate concerns and suggestions are taken on board. Communication is something that the school needs to improve on but I haven’t seen a school that gets everything right, even outstanding schools. The school is a happy place for my children and they have been there for 3 years.

worked here and felt like the kids were in a happy environment and enjoying themselves and really caring staff

Highfield Primary School

Highfield Road, Winchmore Hill, London N21 3HE, UK – 020 8360 2149

It's a lovely old fashioned school with an outstanding Ofsted report. No bullying. Good teachers and friendly staff. My daughter loved it here. This is her last year in the school. We will have great memories of the school.

I work as a TA and my children, Katie 4M and Niki 6W really enjoy it there! I have another daughter who is in secondary that used to go there and she loved it to!

Walker Primary School

The Green, Waterfall Road, London, Southgate N14 7EG, UK – 020 8886 3904

I have two children at this school and the academic standards, pastoral care and dedication of the teaching staff are all outstanding. The school encourages every child to do their best and achieve their potential in a supportive and nurturing environment. My youngest child joined reception in September, the teaching staff went above and beyond to get to know each new child and settle them happily into school life. The excellent headteacher was very involved in this process, she is approachable while commanding the respect of children and parents. The school feels to be in good hands under her headship. In short, my children are happy to go to school every morning, proud to wear their uniform and be part of this community minded school.

The earlier positive reviews about the school are totally accurate. The academic standards are high but the work is correctly pitched to the children's own abilities and there are loads of opportunities for fun activities such as excursions and workshops.This is balanced with a pro-active approach to pupil wellbeing. There is also a genuine feeling of a vibrant and welcoming school community which children and parents benefit from.

Ofsted is the Office for Standards in Education, Children’s Services and Skills. Ofsted reports directly to Parliament and is independent and impartial, inspecting and regulating services which care for children and young people, and those providing education and skills for learners of all ages.

Click for the full database of OFSTED's inspection reports - check out schools in N14 or anywhere in the country.
GetTheRightSchool was formed to offer a unique reference point on getting your child into the school of your choice. The web site covers all you need to about education choices with tips and a guide to the application process and issues that could impact your child's school day, from dealing with bullying, to money issues, to how to work out school catchment areas when they move schools.
Independent Schools Council Website - has a search facility: by county, school or postcode. The ISC brings together eight associations of independent schools, their heads, bursars and governors and represents over 1,200 independent schools in the UK and overseas.
Schools Web Directory - lists all UK local education authorities with a click-through to their websites. Each Local Authority has lists of its own schools and details of application procedures.
Contact details & Websites of 4,065 Schools in Ireland - search by map or county list
Lists more than 31,000 UK state and independent schools and colleges, including over 26,000 UK School, College and University Websites. Search for schools or search for educational establishments anywhere in the UK by geographical county, postcode, name or LEA.

BBC Live Educational News

University to pay out £5k for 'less valuable' experience

Details of student complaints about Covid's impact are released - including one award of £5,000.

Covid-19: Quarantine hotels 'unsafe' for returning pupils

International pupils should be allowed to isolate at boarding schools, parents and teachers say.

Covid: Teachers' risk 'similar' to other under-65s

The study measured infection rates in school staff and pupils in November and December.

A-levels: Poorer students 'three grades behind'

The Education Policy Institute says they take fewer qualifications at a lower level than more affluent peers.

Dyslexia support centres
Click also to find: Education Agencies & Authorities, Schools - Independent & Preparatory
Special schools for Enfield for moderate to severe learning difficulties, ADHD, Autism, Physical impairment, complex health needs, communication difficulties, dyspraxia and other special needs.

Special Needs Schools around you

Oakleigh Special School

280 Oakleigh Rd N, London N20 0DH, UK – 020 8368 5336

It's a Special Needs School and my son is enrolled there. Their Philosophy is the Child must not leave at the end of the day feeling like they've had a bad day! If only my work could take up the same ethos! It's a Good School that has a Great Heart and Soul...what more could you want for your Little One!?!!

Summerside Primary School

Crossway, Finchley, London N12 0QU, UK – 020 8445 1192

2 years ago, our son joined Summerside after 3 years at his previous school. We heard contrasting opinions and they were just that, opinions. We are now informed enough to give an opinion, and here it is, Summerside has been excellent. Our son has blossomed and matured over the past 2 years so he is as good as ready for his secondary education.. The school along with the teachers have all done their part and at home, we done ours. Remember, don't be disappointed with the results you didn't get with the work you didn't do, so home education to compliment the school is a must. Finally, a big thank to Jason's year 6 form teacher and to both the head and deputy head for their input. Great effort to which we are extremely grateful for, thank you.

Started school in 1945 I had good memories !does anybody remember me ?

Website with facility to search for many different kinds of special needs schools and links to lots of support groups.  Find a special needs school near Enfield or search the website for special schools throughout the UK

Adult Education Centres for N14 - Language Tuition

Adult Education Centres for Enfield which may run evening or daytime language classes

Adult Education

School of Professional Development and Education (School of PDE)

224, Building 3, NLBP Oakleigh, South Way, London, New Southgate N11 1GN, UK – 0333 011 5584

Axis Driving School

387B Bowes Rd, Arnos Grove, London N11 1AB, UK – 020 7482 6940

Wilbury Primary School - Halls for hire

Wilbury Way, London, Edmonton N18 1DE, UK – 0333 011 0476

Language Schools

La Jolie Ronde Languages For Children

163 Osidge La, London N14 5DU, UK – 020 8368 7424

Language Schools for Enfield

Language schools for N14. Also consider Adult Education Centres which might run evening language classes

Private Tutors for Enfield

Private Tuition for N14
Click also to find: Language Schools, Translators & Interpreters

Private Tutors

Teachers Teach Tuition Centre

31 Church St, Enfield EN2 6AJ, UK – 020 8363 5008

My son has been attending this tuition centre for about 6 years. All of the teachers are really nice. They are very patient and treat the students with utmost respect. They are always on hand to answer any questions I might have. I would highly recommend this teaching centre.

Excellent teaching staff who have helped my child in all of his tuition in school. Definite improvement and thank you to all of you at Teachers Teach Tuition.

Private Tutor

65 Osborne Rd, London N13 5PU, UK – 020 8882 0529

Kumon Maths & English

St. Johns Hall, Bourne Hill, London N13 4DA, UK – 020 3910 4628